About Penn Lake

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In December 1938, Lily Lewis Kilner sold the land around Penn Lake to Harry F Goeringer and his wife, Mary C. Goeringer for real estate development. The land was surveyed and laid out in lots by the Sturdevant-Dilley Engineering Company Civil Engineers of Wilkes-Barre,PA.

Harry Goeringer was the realtor who sold the lots around Penn Lake. He advertised it as an “unspoiled, tranquil place nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains on the Bear Creek-White Haven Highway” (See Vintage Brochure-“Happiness for Sale”) Thomas Carter, Sr, was a sales agent for Mr. Goeringer.

Houses started appearing around the lake in late 1938. Some of our Early residents included the Carters, the Evans, the Shinkles and the Smaltz family. Some of the residents built ”changing houses” or pagodas on their lots. These were intended to be temporary structures but a few may actually can be seen around the lake today. The pagoda seen in the photo was originally built on the Alvin Reimold property after WWII. It is now located next to the lake spillway.

Dot Evans, one of our current residents, recalls that a builder by the name of” French” built her grandfather’s cottage (named “The Pioneer”) in the fall of 1938. Early residents had the responsibility of clearing the trees and stumps from the lake. Social events including the spaghetti dinner and church services were held in the basement of the Keblish house (the big white house by the dam) during this era according to Evans.

Late 1930's:

From left to right:  Lillie Boyer, Helen Boyer, and Ester Boyer (sisters)