About Penn Lake

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July 14, 1941:
The Penn Lake Association is incorporated as a non-profit organization for the purpose of creating a governing body for the Penn lake community.

July 28, 1941:
The association’s Charter and Articles of Incorporation are signed by Judge John Aponick, Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas.

First Officers
President  -  Charles Chapman
Vice President  -  Warren Seiple
Treasurer  -  Elmer Wendel
Secretary  -  Ralph Beetz

First Board of Directors
Harold Wagner
William Deisroth
A. Bavalack
S.A. Jayne
Clifford A. Shinkle

In 1943, the Community House Dedication Ceremony took place.  Below are pictures of the historical day at Penn Lake. 


Harold Wagner at the Community House Dedication Ceremony


Community House Dedication Ceremony (picture #2)


Community House Dedication Ceremony (picture #3)

The pictures below were taken in the 1940's, donated by Howard "Danny" Jenkins.  Danny Jenkins' father purchased land at Penn Lake when the road around the lake was only 3 weeks old.  He built a cottage at 16 Lakeview Drive (not the current cottage at that address).  There was Carter's store, next to them was the cottage of Dr. Brogan and then Danny's cottage. Next to Danny was Bozzart's cottage.  Danny was born in 1941 and Penn Lake is still a big part of his life.

1940's:  Canoe


Danny at the Lake


Group shot


Danny on the Ice.


The following pictures were submitted by Bob Davis.  The first picture was pasted to a cross-section of a small tree stump.  These were sold at the Carter's store.


Picture of the Shraders' cottage, the Ermels' Cottage, and the Davis' cottage.  The Ermels are the children and grandchildren of the Ubaldini family that built the cottage, and Bob Davis is the grandchild of the Morgan family.  The Morgan family built Bob Davis' cottage.

circa 1941:

Bob Davis' cottage 


Below are a few picture after the flood in 1942.

John Boyer and Bob Humphries

John Boyer and Bob Humphries

The Women’s Auxillary of Penn Lake is formed

At the same time in the 1940’s, the Penn Lake Rod and Gun Club was formed. Its original organizers were:

  • Dr Brogan
  • Thomas Carter, Sr.

This men’s club was the group that started the traditional “Night at the Races” fundraiser. Funds generated from this event were used to sponsor a Pheasant Hunt and for stocking the lake. Records indicate that the first fish stocked were bass and shiners.