Penn Lake Boat Regatta

The Challenge
To design your row boat, canoe, or paddle boat into a cool creation based on some theme that you come up with and then to complete a course from the beach to the pagoda. Judges will vote on categories of most unique, funniest, and more.

Example Themes

  • Pirate Ship
  • Antique Car
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • a Toothbrush
  • the Titanic
  • a Taco
  • etc.

Who can participate?

Anyone, male or female, young or old!

What are the rules?

  • Pick a theme, any theme!
  • Use a row boat, paddle boat, or canoe
  • Be creative!
  • Boaters will start at beach and end at the pagoda so that
    everyone can see the boats
  • Life preservers must be worn
  • 3 judges will vote on categories such as most unique, funniest, prettiest, and more
  • Supplies to use when building a boat:  cleanex, carnations, cardboard, paint, etc.