Cardboard Boat Race Rules

The rules of the Cardboard boat race are as follows:

  1. You must supply your own cardboard

  2. Boat must be made only from cardboard.  Wood and other materials are not permitted.

  3. Boat can be prepared prior to race day

  4. Boat can be decorated but cannot be painted

  5. There is no limit on the size of the boat

  6. Duct tape can be used to seal the corners and edges of the boat

  7. No more than 10% of the boat can be duct tape

  8. Duct tape can only be used on the seams of the boat  

  9. Only one person per boat

  10. Only one boat per person

  11. Boats must be put into the water at the same time

  12. The last boat afloat wins

  13. The decision of the Judges is final

  14. Race held at the beach