Penn Lake News

March 25, 2010

Dear Penn Lake Residents:

The Association would like to make you aware of a few unfortunate events. Our Bulletin Board across from the community building was vandalized sometime between Monday evening 3/15/10 and Tuesday evening 3/16/10. The lock was picked and damaged, the Plexiglas was smashed, and important notices were removed. The State Police have been made aware of this issue and a report has been filed.  Click here for pictures.

For the past year, notices posted on the Bulletin Board by the Penn Lake Association and the Borough regarding community events and other important information have been continually removed soon after they are posted. Legally speaking, the removal of these notices is considered theft and vandalism. The State Police have been made aware of this issue as well.

Penn Lake has always been a fun, safe, and friendly place to live; a place where everyone seems to care about their neighbor. Our goal is to keep the community safe, secure, and informed. Therefore, we are asking for your help with any information that could be used to prosecute the criminal who is vandalizing our property.

Thank you for your help.


Greg Robinson

Jill Rosenstock

Bill Warner

President, Penn Lake Association

President, Borough Council

Mayor, Penn Lake

484-686-3958 570-443-8017 570-443-2255