Lake Management

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 Lake Monitoring

Having an understanding about the water and aquatic plant resources is a big part of Lake Management.  Collecting baseline data on the water and aquatic vegetation in Penn Lake will help us to answer some important questions such as:  

  • Is the water meeting or exceeding state Water Quality Standards?
  • Are our waters safe for swimming?
  • What are the different types of vegetation in Penn Lake?
  • Are the fish getting enough dissolved oxygen?
  • Is enough oxygen being produced at the right depths?
  • Is the lake acidic or basic?

Click here for further information on monitoring Water Quality and here for the DEP Sampling Protocol Manual.

DEP Citizens Lake Monitoring Program - Completed in 2009

The DEP Citizen's Lake Monitoring program was conducted at Penn Lake in 2009 in an effort to baseline some of the above questions and understand more about the water quality of Penn Lake.  Biologists from the DEP came out to help facilitate the water monitoring program and work with volunteers at the lake.  Over the course of 2009, three water samples were taken using a variety of scientific instruments in order to get the necessary measurements.  The program was a success!  The DEP provided their final water sampling report in February 2010. The reports are provided below.  The Rod & Gun club is reviewing the data and determining next steps. 

Water Sampling Reports - Provided by DEP February 2010