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Team Members

Tom Carter
Dan Cronauer
Jerry Dailey
Barb Fisher
Randy Johnson
Andrew Krysicki Sr
Andrew Krysicki Jr
Phil McGarrigan
Bob Moser
Greg Robinson
Paul Rogan
Tom Thornton
John Wegrzynowicz
Jason Wegrzynowicz





       Lake Restoration and Restocking Program

Penn Lake was drained in 2006 so that a valve at the dam could be replace in order to meet state regulations.  Pictures of the lake when it was drained can be viewed here

After the lake was refilled, a Lake Restocking team was formed with the goal of replenishing Penn Lake with a healthy fish habitat in a systematic and controlled manner.  So many residents volunteered their time and donated their hard-earned money in order to repair the lake.  The plan could not have come together without the help of so many people in the community.  Click the icon at the top for a list of everyone who donated.

The restocking plan was a three year plan that was created after several months of in-depth research and discussions.  The team members responsible for the creation of the plan are listed above.  The plan was created with the guidance of Schultz's Fish Hatchery and was sponsored by the Penn Lake Association.  It was executed in a series of phases over the span of 3 years.  The following shipments of fish were delivered by Schultz's Fish Hatchery:

  • 500 pounds of minnows on April 28, 2007 - DONE
  • 7000 bluegill on May 26, 2007 - DONE
  • 500 Crappie and 500 Perch on October 13, 2007 - DONE
  • 400 large mouth bass in June 2008 - DONE
  • 500 large mouth bass in October 2008 - DONE
  • 302 large mouth (6-8") bass in Fall 2009 - DONE

Thank you again to everyone who helped.

- Penn Lake Association